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30 colourful years at the service of customers

The Social Accountability 8000 Ethical Certification is a globally recognized reference standard created with the aim of ensuring optimal working conditions with particular attention to sustainable development and social issues.

The SA 8000 Ethical Certification is an effective tool that allows for the correct management and constant monitoring of all company activities and processes which affect the conditions of workers (human rights, development, enhancement, training and professional growth of people, health and safety of workers, non-discrimination, labour of minors and young people) and its requirements also extend to suppliers and sub-suppliers.

Prisma Ricerche has always cared deeply for maintaining a socially responsible management style, with great importance for the stakeholders’ involvement, including partners and suppliers: for this reason, it has undertaken the voluntary path to obtain the Ethical Certification according to the SA 8000 International Standard.

Through the acquisition of the SA 8000 Ethical Certification, Prisma Ricerche commits to comply with the most rigorous standards of ethical and professional conduct towards employees, collaborators and all company interlocutors: customers, suppliers, partners, institutions, local community.

The main ideal on which the SA 8000 Ethical Certification is based is the respect for international conventions on human and workers’ rights, which is expressed in the following fundamental principles:

  • freedom of association and bargaining
  • absence of forced or compulsory labour
  • abolition of child labour
  • absence of discrimination
  • occupational health and safety
  • absence of disciplinary procedures harmful to the dignity of workers
  • compliance with legislation on working hours and wages
  • social responsibility management system


Prisma Ricerche also requires its suppliers and customers to respect the founding principles of the SA 2000 Ethical Certification for the purpose of strengthening business relationships.