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Passion and technique

that start from afar

Prisma Ricerche is the result of the experience gained over more than 30 years
by its founder, Flavio Cornale.

  • 1979

    Flavio begins his professional dyeing career as a laboratory technician for a Vicenza company.

  • He continues his career at a Brescia wool mill as a laboratory and production technician in the field of industrial dyeing, with increasingly specific tasks up to the technical and organizational management of the entire production department.

  • 1990

    He collaborates with several companies, always in the field of dyeing in different sectors: protein, cellulose, artificial and synthetic fibres.

  • 1999

    On January 2, driven by great enthusiasm, he reaped the fruit of his hard work and founded his own company: Prisma Ricerche.

  • 2000

    Prisma Ricerche evolves and becomes a point of reference for companies in the knitwear sector and many luxury brands. It spreads the concept of “just in time” and collaborates with big names in the field of sports and large-scale distribution to develop new projects to build and study COLOR BOX.

    In 2016, he starts WHITE & BLACK, a new company established to improve the service in terms of efficiency and speed.

    In September 2019, after 13 years of research and development, Prisma Ricerche gave life to a completely green project in which natural fibres, staple yarns and fabrics in wool, cashmere and angora are dyed with 100% natural and sustainable dyes.

  • 2021

    March 18th marks the birth of COLOR FLOWERS TECNOLOGY, which holds the patents, the know-how and the entire project of the 100% natural dyes.

Prisma Ricerche is marching towards the future, strengthened by the experience of the present and the tradition of the past.