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Prisma Ricerche is a dyeing company with more than 30 years of experience in colour formulation, small-batch dye baths, and tailor-made colour charts. It offers dyeing services for yarn, fabric and accessories.


Thanks to its cutting-edge industrial production, Prisma Ricerche dyes yarns of any fibre, from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 30 kilograms, and proposes them in cones or hanks according to customer needs and the type of raw material.


The Colour Factory is a fundamental added value for contemporary research in the fashion sector. The laboratory allows you to support the designer and design department’s project to experiment and create future collections.


Before shipping the yarn to the customer, each process must pass a rigorous quality control, based on specific software that check the quality of the colour by using exact tools.


REELING This is the process that allows to transform the textile fibre yarns into hanks.

WINDING This is the operation that allows the yarn to be unwound from the hank and formed onto the cones.

REWINDING This is the production phase in which the yarn from one or more bobbins is transferred onto a single cone.

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