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The colour factory

The Colour Factory is the analysis laboratory of Prisma Ricerche: a space for design and action that allows you to develop creativity by giving a new dimension to colour and its dye chromatics.

The Colour Factory is the laboratory where dyeing techniques are at the service of Prisma Ricerche’s customers, namely the designer and the design department. This is an added value for contemporary research in the fashion sector as it allows to technically support the creativity of fashion professionals.

Unique pieces, limited editions and mass production are created always following applied craftsmanship, through manual skills and advanced technologies, meeting every challenge in creativity and sartorial transformation. All this is done with excellent timing: the lab dips requested by customers are prepared in a short time, with the best technologies available on the market.

The Colour Factory at Prisma Ricerche is made up of several research and analysis sectors which, working in synergy, apply an accurate method strengthened by years of experience that can be appreciated in the attention to detail, from the first design of the colour to its reproduction in the laboratory, its arrival in production and finally the final quality control.

In our Colour Factory laboratories, the experts at Prisma Ricerche can formulate colours for any type of fibre: natural, artificial and synthetic; the classes of dyes used are agreed upon with the customer based on the required performance in terms of resistance, but also according to the desired appearance of the finished product.


Over the last few years, to respond to the ever-increasing demands for compliance with the various ecological regulations (GOTS, OEKO-TEX, GRS, CTW, etc…), Prisma Ricerche has undertaken a process of qualification of the chemical products and the suppliers who produce and distribute them. This has allowed the company to publish its own PRSL, or Product Restricted Substances List, which guarantees compatibility with the vast majority of PRSLs that brands are now enforcing on their supply chain.

Prisma Ricerche cares for the environment ​​and wants to contribute to the development of a sustainability culture for the entire sector: for this reason, its desire is to respond to current regulations and customer requests for all projects.