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Prisma Ricerche’s dyeing process can be applied to natural fibres of plant origin such as cotton, linen, and hemp; to natural fibres of animal origin such as merino wool; to luxury natural fibres such as alpaca, angora, cashmere, mohair, vicuña, silk, llama, camel hair, beaver hair, deer hair; to synthetic fibres such as nylon, polyester, acrylic, modacrylic, aramid and meta aramid fibres including microfibre, and finally to artificial fibres such as bamboo, viscose, acetate, triacetate, lyocell and modal.

Prisma Ricerche offers its customers the services of:


Staple dyeing
and treatments

When the staple is dyed before spinning.


Top dyeing
and treatments

When yarn comes in the form of a combed ribbon.


Cone dyeing

When the yarn is dyed on the cones.


Other types of dyes

DYEING OF LACE, macramé, valenciennes (cotton, polyamide, viscose, wool)

FABRICS UP TO 50M for samples and colour charts (cotton, polyamide, wool, microfibre)

RIBBONS Grosgrain / herringbone ribbons (cotton, viscose, wool)

SPECIFIC ACCESSORIES FOR UNDERWEAR AND SWIMWEAR (straps, tubes, loops, hooks, rings, bows)



This is the process of dyeing raw yarns in a pattern. Prisma Ricerche offers its customers a tailored service, specifically made to measure in terms of quantity and type.